Belles Performance Team

Go Belles!

Imagine seeing your child’s face light up while he or she performs at sports events, local city events, and on local stages!

With regular performing experiences (all performances are optional, so if you can’t attend one, that’s okay!), your child’s confidence will soar in ways you never imagined. And our Belles families love being on this adventure with their dancers too, as their performances take them to local events the entire family can enjoy!

The Belles Dance Team is a non-competitive jazz team for dancers who are looking to up their dance game and gain next-level dance skills — without the intense pressure, time commitment, and massive financial investment of being on a competitive team. It’s designed for ages 4-13, but there is some flexibility so contact us if you are interested. All performances are in the local DFW area, with the majority being in and around Frisco.

Regular Performing Opportunities

Our Belles perform 1-3 times per month beginning in late September or early October. Most performances are held on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons, however there are some opportunities for weekday performances. All performances are optional (though a commitment is needed in advance).

Perform in Front Of Audiences Large and Small

Our Belles Performance Team performs in front of all sizes of audiences: from large sports venues (past performances include the Frisco Rough Riders, the Sidekicks, the Texas Legends, Gaylord ICE, and Six Flags) to smaller venues (past performances include school events, music recitals, and can include performances at nursing homes and children’s hospitals). And of course, the Belles will perform in our Spring Recital too!

Take your dancing to the next level, without the pressure of competition!

The Belles Performance Team is the perfect opportunity for the dancer who is looking for more performance experience and wants to take their dancing to the next level, but does not want the intense commitments of time and finances that come with being on a competitive team. Our Belles families have a BLAST while giving their dancing that extra EDGE!

Time Commitment

In addition to attending performances (all performances are optional, so if you can’t attend one, that’s okay!), Belles Performance Team members attend weekly Belles rehearsals, and take at least one additional technique class (ballet, jazz hip hop, tap, etc).

Tuition and Costs for the Belles Team

Monthly tuition for the Belles Team is $160, which includes weekly 55-minute Belles Rehearsal classes, an additional 55-minute dance technique class of your choice (ballet, jazz hip hop, tap, lyrical, etc), and the studio’s performance costs.

The Belles wear a stunning high-quality dance uniform designed to make them sparkle and turn heads on stage! Contact the studio for uniform cost.

Some of the performance venues require parking passes and/or an admission ticket for the performer and anyone attending with him/her (at least one parent/guardian is required to attend each event with the performer).

Join the Belles Team today and beam with pride while you nurture your dancer’s self confidence and dance skills!