Post by Marisa

Got Bun Flyaways? Here's the Secret Cure!Ballerinas (and dancers in general) are well known for their slicked back pony tails, buns, and other hairstyles. There are many tricks of the trade to getting that professional look.

Depending on your hair type, there are a few different things you can try. For straight hair, the hardest thing is keeping the ponytail holder from slipping. To fix this, you can either use rubber hair ties (instead of the ones covered in cloth.) You can also wet the hair first, and hairspray around where the pony tail holder will be. If you have lots of flyaways close to the front of your head, continue reading and try the next part as well.

For curly hair, the hardest thing is keeping all the little curls slicked back. The best way to do this is with wet hair, gel, and a comb. Start with the hair wet, and rub gel through the top part of your hair. Using a small tooth comb, comb all of the little hairs back into the pony tail. After securing the ponytail, spray some hairspray, and comb back again.

If you have a lot of flyaways that will not stay, twist them back and pin them with bobby pins. If bobby pins do not hold or stay in place, use some clips instead.

If all else fails, keep adding hairspray!! Hairspray and gel are a dancers best friend.