Post by Marisa

How To Find That Perfect Ballet Shoe Fit


There are many different kinds of shoes dancers wear, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Use the information below to help you find the best fit for your dancer!

Make sure you try on ballet shoes with the tights you will be wearing in class. Socks and ballet tights are very different, and therefore will affect the way the shoes fit.

Ballet shoes should fit to the foot pretty tightly. Ballet class helps create articulation in all of the foot muscles, and this is easiest to do in shoes that fit very well.

For younger students, or students who are just starting ballet, I recommend a shoe with a full sole. Split sole shoes are better for older dancers, who have already figured out how to articulate their foot well.

There are leather ballet shoes, and canvas ballet shoes. I would recommend leather shoes for younger students. They last longer, and give more room for the student to grow into them. Canvas shoes are better for older dancers, who are turning and need less friction between their foot and the floor.

There are many brands of ballet shoes. I would recommend trying on a few brands of shoes, with different lengths and widths. Let the student wear them for a few minutes. Make sure they have room to spread their toes, even when their heels are off the floor. They should have a little room to grow into them, but not too much. Ballet shoes will easily fall off and be uncomfortable if they are too small!