It's About More Than Dance Classes ... Here's Why!

Post by Marisa


Everyone knows that dance is an art form, and a way of expression. Dance is also great exercise, and a great way for people to establish balance, strength, and flexibility. Dance is good for all ages, and can be learned at any age!

There are tons of benefits that come with spending all those hours in the studio! To start, dancing improves all functions of the body. This includes but is not limited to improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased aerobic fitness, and improved muscle tone and strength. Over time, dance increases muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness. Dance helps people of all ages (toddlers to adult!) to find their balance, gain strength, and become more flexible. These things will help anybody in all stages and parts of their lives.

Aside from the physical benefits of dance, there are other benefits. Dance classes allow students to learn to follow directions, focus, and interact with other students. Different dance styles and different teachers may teach classes differently, but all teachers will teach class etiquette. Class etiquette will help dance students in all aspects of their education, while trying to get a job in the work field, and while interacting and working with other people.

Dance class is a place for students to gain creativity, discipline, strength, and friendships. Nobody can understand the relationships between dancers unless they are a dancer. Spending all those hours in the studios, working hard and learning so much together, bonds students like no other activity. Between the memories in the studios, friends at the studios, and physical and mental benefits of dance, once you or your child starts dancing, they will never want to stop!