Post by Marisa

It's SO Important to Learn Movement, Not Just Dance Steps

There is something that we value strongly at Southern Edge Performing Arts. We value performance over competitions. We believe that students learn best when they are working to perform, not when they are working to compete.

A very important part of performing is the movement aspect of dancing. Students can be taught dance steps for years, but if they never learn to have fun and really dance, the performance will not be fun for the dancers or for the audience.

At Southern Edge, we are constantly working on little performances for our parents. Parents are welcomed into class every few weeks to see what their child has learned. These little performances help the students remember choreography, practice their movement quality, and perform in front of a little audience.

I have heard many teachers tell their students to move, or to dance, or to enjoy it. This can be very hard to do when the teacher is overly-focused on technique for the sake of winning the next competition. At Southern Edge, we stress the importance of both technique and movement quality.

Movement quality is best learned from observing. It is very hard to describe to a student how to move. It is important to have teachers who understand this from the beginning, and who have learned movement quality themselves through years of training and performing.

At Southern Edge, we have teachers who have degrees in dance, and who have danced professionally with ballet and tap companies. Students who get to watch professionals will not only learn technique. They will also learn and observe movement quality, which will help them in all styles of performance.