Post by Marisa

Pointe ShoesThere are many different kinds of shoes dancers wear, and they all come in different shapes and sizes. Use the information below to help you find the best fit for your dancer!

Pointe shoes are a bit more complicated than other kinds of dance shoes. There are many aspects to picking pointe shoes that must be considered. The best way to find the right shoe is to have your teacher go with you. This way, you will have a knowledgeable person with you the whole time, making sure you do not injure yourself.

The first part of getting a pair of pointe shoes is picking a toe pad. Usually, dancers will start with a thinner toe pad. Because beginner pointe dancers will not be on their toes for very long, they do not need a lot of padding. This way, their toes and the skin on their toes can adjust to being in pointe shoes early.

There are so many brands of pointe shoes, and within each brand, there are different kinds, different widths, different lengths… It can take a VERY long time to find your first pair. The best thing to do it go to a dance store with your teacher, and try on lots of kinds. You want to find a shoe that is comfortable and snug when you are standing, and has one finger of pinch on the heel with you are on pointe. When standing on pointe, your foot should not slide in the shoe. Your ankle and foot should be able to stay straight.

After trying on lots of shoes, and narrowing it down, your teacher can show you some ways to adjust your shoes. With the correct placement of ribbons and elastics, you can help a shoe fit your foot and support your ankle best.

Dancers usually wear many different brands of pointe shoes throughout their training. The shape of a dancers foot, the muscles in the dancers foot, and the types of exercises a dancer does will all affect the way the shoe fits. Many professional still switch their shoes around, long into their careers!