Studio Policies

By enrolling in lessons and/or participating in classes/lessons with Melodie’s Music and Dance, LLC, DBA Southern Edge Performing Arts, you agree to the following policies and procedures which effect the student, the parent, and any siblings/guests you bring into the studio.


We know you will be happy with our classes and lessons! Tell friends and neighbors about us and receive ONE MONTH OF CLASSES/LESSONS FREE!

Note: Your free month of classes/lessons comes in the form of a lesson credit equal to the regular monthly tuition you pay for one student. You will receive this free month of lessons after your referral completes their third month of lessons with us. The lesson credit is not redeemable for cash or refund. If you refer more than one student at a time, lesson credits will be used toward future months. Students who discontinue lessons for any period of time will lose any referral credits they have gained.

Refer 12 families and you could get the entire year for free! Ask at the front desk for ideas on how to get more referral credits!


All payments made to Southern Edge Performing Arts are done via credit or debit card (Visa, MC, Discover). We only accept checks if paying for 6 months of tuition or more in advance.

All tuition is non-refundable once paid, unless SEPA cancels/closes a class or is otherwise unable to provide class.

Monthly tuition will be charged to your credit/debit card on file on the 1st of each month. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

If student’s/parent’s card is declined or check bounced, a $30 fee will be posted to the account. Payment for tuition plus the $30 fee must be paid before the student receives another class/lesson.

Students are charged a flat-rate tuition fee per month. Most months, the student will receive 4 classes/lessons. Some months, because of the way the weeks fall, the student will receive 5 classes/lessons: we do not charge extra for 5-lesson months. Due to Studio Scheduled Vacations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas (see our Studio Calendar for full list of Studio Scheduled Vacations/closures), the student will occasionally receive less than 4 classes/lessons in a month. The shorter months and the longer months balance out to an average of 4 classes/lesson per month over the course of the year, and monthly tuition rates already reflect any months with less than 4 lessons/classes. No refunds or credits are given if a student discontinues classes/lessons before their 3- and 5- week months balance out.

The only time Southern Edge Performing Arts prorates tuition is during the first month of lessons and in special circumstances, which are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with the studio being the final decision maker.

We do not offer “every-other-week” lessons or “once a month” lessons. This refers to single students, as well as family members (i.e. Johnny takes classes one week, Susie the following week).


All classes/lessons will end at their regularly scheduled time, regardless if a student was late to the class/lesson. Any student who is more than 5 minutes late to a group class must check in with front desk staff before entering the class, and will be allowed into class during the next natural break in class so as to limit class disruption.

If a teacher must miss a class/lesson, a substitute teacher will provide lessons. If no substitute teacher is available, the class/lesson will be made up.

If a student misses a class or if class is cancelled due to inclement weather (we follow Frisco ISD for weather-related school closings):

-Group class students may attend any other age/level-appropriate class for their makeup (students may not attend Belles Team classes as a makeup without prior consent from the studio). Some classes may be full, so check with studio before arriving for your makeup. We reserve the right to turn away a makeup student if the class is full, if the student arrives to a class that is not a good age/level match, or for any other reason we deem necessary. SEPA reserves the right to limit makeups if we deem necessary.

-Private lesson students who give the studio at least 2 hours notice of their absence may make up their lessons by registering for a 60-minute makeup class. One missed private lesson receives one 60-minute makeup class. Make up classes are held 1-2x/month (or more if necessary), and must be registered for in advance online to reserve your spot. Our makeup class spots are limited, and makeup classes provide a combination of any of the following: individual practice time, individual time with the instructor, theory instruction, music games/activities, music history instruction, introduction to world music, and/or ensemble practice.

Private lesson students who give less than 2-hours notice, or no notice at all, are not eligible for a makeup class or lesson.

Our goal is to allow unlimited makeups for our students, however, SEPA reserves the right to limit makeups if we deem necessary.

Special note about student illness:

Please do NOT come to the studio while sick! Our makeup policy is very generous (see above), so there is no need to come if you are ill.

If the student comes to classes/lessons while ill, the studio has the right to ask the student to leave the class/lesson with no makeup/reschedule or credit given. “Ill” might include (but is not limited to): excessive coughing or sneezing, sore throat, or a fever or vomiting within 24 hours of the class/lesson. If the student is experiencing any symptoms but you know it is simply from allergies or due to something non-contagious (such as a sore throat from screaming at a football game), please communicate to your teacher or the studio that you know the student is not contagious before the class/lesson begins.

Do understand that we want you in class and want to teach you at your lesson time. Our goal in enforcing this policy is to keep from spreading sickness among our teachers, staff, and students.


Long-term absences are detrimental to the student’s development and enjoyment of lessons. After returning from a long-term absence, the student will experience frustration as they will be reviewing things they knew only a couple of months ago. Our studio and its teachers often operate with a waiting list most of the time, so open spots are filled up very quickly. If you do need to take a long-term absence, please know that SEPA is not able to hold spots for students unless the student pays for the spot.


Your commitment is one calendar month at a time. To permanently cancel classes/lessons or to temporarily pause classes/lessons, you need to inform the studio/office staff (not the teacher) no later than the 20th of the month before the month you wish to cancel. Example: To cancel for October, you must notify the office no later than September 20th. After the 20th, you are committed to the following calendar month. Cancellation notification must be in writing and given to the office via email to

You are financially responsible for classes/lessons until you notify the office directly of your cancellation. Notifying the teacher of your cancellation/pause is polite, however, it does not constitute notifying the office.

There are no refunds for un-used classes/lessons due to student cancellations except in special situations at the sole discretion of the studio, not the teacher.

Your automatic payments will continue until you notify the office staff of your discontinuation in writing (via email is sufficient) and no refunds will be given for any unused classes/lessons due to failure to notify office of cancellation.


Southern Edge Performing Arts studio is a NO BULLYING zone and we do not tolerate “bullying” behavior. We reserve the right to dismiss students from class—with or without warning and without refund/credit—due to student and/or parent behavior during classes and/or at any time on the premises. Behavior that would cause us to dismiss a student from class includes, but is not limited to: student and/or parent being disrespectful to teachers/staff/students, not listening to teachers/staff instructions, physical violence, damage to property belonging to studio and/or other students/parents, any type of abuse, and purposefully trying to hurt someone else physically or emotionally.


Southern Edge Performing Arts’ teachers are bound by contract to work with you and/or your family only through Southern Edge Performing Arts. Out of respect for the work of the studio and its staff, teachers may not teach former or potential Southern Edge Performing Arts students on their own.

Southern Edge Performing Arts offers a positive, honest, and professional experience for our students and teachers. We expect our students and teachers to treat us with the same respect and professionalism. Southern Edge Performing Arts reserve the right to un-enroll any student or decline any student due to student behavior, parent behavior, lack of payment, student moving to new area, or any other reason the company or teachers deem necessary.

Southern Edge Performing Arts staff and management work very hard to hire the best possible teachers for you, our students. Good teachers are NOT easy to come by!. Each hired teacher represents substantial time and financial investment. Our teachers have signed a legally-binding contract agreeing that they will not teach your family outside of the relationship with Southern Edge Performing Arts.

Likewise, we ask our students to treat SEPA with the same ethical considerations. Students and their families agree not to retain the services of any SEPA teachers — regardless of subject matter, regardless of the nature of services, and regardless of the location of the services –during their contract with Southern Edge Performing Arts and for a period of 12 months following the end of their contract with Southern Edge Performing Arts. If a student or their family fails to honor this agreement, student agrees to pay a placement fee to Southern Edge Performing Arts equal to the family’s highest total monthly family tuition amount while with SEPA, multiplied by 24.


Should a student/parent have a dispute regarding whether a class/lesson was received, or whether full lesson time was given, Southern Edge Performing Arts management will investigate the class/lesson(s) in question with both student/parent and teacher and will remain the sole and final decision maker in in resolving such disputes, including what money and/or classes/lessons are owed regarding such dispute. We review detailed attendance files weekly in order to avoid confusion and ensure that classes/lessons are being received. However, if confusion over classes/lessons does arise, we will do everything in our power to come to a resolution in the fairest way possible, making sure the student does receive any classes/lessons owed.

Should a customer/student dispute a charge through their financial institution, it will constitute a breach of contract possibly resulting in — but not limited to– penalties, additional fees, collection, legal action, and/or termination of any and/or all current and future services.


The student(s) and their parent(s) understand that any activity involves some level of risk, and lessons/classes in the performing arts are no exception. Students and their parents agree that they will not hold Southern Edge Performing Arts, or any of its owners or staff, liable should bodily injury or illness, or damage to or loss of belongings happen while on SEPA property and/or in classes/lessons. The student and their parent(s) agree to hold Southern Edge Performing Arts blameless for any bodily injury, theft or damage of belongings.

Additionally, parent/student agrees that if the student willfully causes damage to SEPA property or property belonging to fellow SEPA students – or causes such damage after being asked to stop potentially damaging/destructive behavior—the parent/student will take financial responsibility for remedying said damage.

Additionally, parent/student recognizes that SEPA is NOT a childcare facility and if the parent/guardian chooses to leave the premises (either leaving the property altogether, or leaving the building), they do so at their own/their child’s risk. The studio is open to the public to enter, and entrances/exits are not monitored. Student/parent understands that SEPA staff may or may not be trained or certified in First Aide or CPR. If you or your child appears to need medical attention, we will call 911. If deemed appropriate, and if you are waiting in the lobby, we will attempt to first communicate with you before calling 911. However, if it appears to SEPA staff that it is an urgent medical need, 911 will be called first, and then you will be informed. It is understood that any and all costs associated with such call will be paid for by the parent/student, not the studio, regardless if medical professionals determine there to be no medical emergency. The parent/student understands that SEPA is NOT a babysitter or childcare facility and agrees to hold the studio, its owners and teachers/staff blameless for any inability to administer proper first aid care to the student and for any peril that may befall a student/sibling/guest while in our studio. Parent/student assumes all risk when they, or any of their children/friends/relatives, are in the studio for any reason.

A more in-depth waiver must be signed in person prior to beginning classes/lessons and students will not be allowed to attend class without a paper waiver on file.


No clothing or accessories may be worn that violate the dress code set forth here or the “no bullying policy.” SEPA reserves the right to require the student to cover up – or provide clothing to cover up—any clothing that violates the dress code, or remove the student from class if deemed necessary. SEPA reserves the right to change the dress code policy without warning.

Appropriate dance shoes must be worn for dance classes, i.e. tap shoes for tap class, etc.

Dancers must wear clothing appropriate for the style of dance they are learning:

Female ballet dancers must wear a leotard and tights.

Female contemporary/lyrical dancers must wear a leotard.

Male ballet/contemporary dancers can wear dance leggings and a t-shirt.

Tap and jazz hip hop dancers can wear a t-shirt and shorts, or leotard with or without tights.

Theatre/acting students should wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable to move in. No skirts unless shorts are worn underneath.

Piano students: when learning the pedal, you may be asked to wear a close-toed stiff shoe (i.e. not sandals or flip flops).

Voice students: To work on proper posture and breathing, you may be asked to remove any heeled shoes. Bare feet or socks are fine for this.

Guitar, cello and upright bass students: Please wear pants, longer shorts or capris, an ankle-length skirt, or bring a blanket to put on your lap during your lessons/classes, as these instruments are not shorts- or short-skirt friendly!


We enjoy sharing pictures and accomplishments of our students! By agreeing to Southern Edge Performing Arts’ policies you give permission for Southern Edge Performing Arts to: (1) take photographs and video recordings of your children as they participate in studio activities; and (2) use, reuse, modify, publish, and republish those photographs, videos, and any derivative works (“Photos”) in any format or media, including the Internet, for purposes related to the studio’s mission. You waive any claims, demands, and liabilities against Southern Edge Performing Arts for taking and using these Photos. You understand that this release is binding upon you, your children, and any legal representatives, heirs, and assigns.

When sharing pictures or videos of your child, we use the first name only. We do not share last names, home addresses or any contact information.

To opt out of Southern Edge Performing Arts’ Photo/Video Release Policy, please send a written notification to


We occasionally have to update, change or clarify our studio policies. We do our best to notify students/parents of any policy changes and updates, but it is agreed that official policy changes are sufficiently communicated on our website on the Policy page.