Post by Marisa

There's No Friend Like A Dance Friend


I once had a ballet teacher tell me “Cherish these friendships you have here. You won’t find them anywhere else.” She couldn’t have been more right.

I have danced at three dance studios, and with two professional companies. My first studio, I left in fourth grade. My second, I left in tenth grade. And my third, I stayed until I graduated high school. I had friends at all three dance studios, friends that I still talk to today. Almost 13 years later, and I still keep in contact with my dance friends from when I was in fourth grade.

The friendship between dancers is something I have not found with anyone else. Being in class together all the time, having good and bad days together, and working so hard together, makes dance friends the best friends. Dancers can understand other dancers like nobody else can. They understand the frustration, excitement, sore muscles, achievements, and hard work like no other athlete or artist does.

The friends I have made in the professional dance world are no different. I have danced with them, been roommates with them, moved across the country to dance with another company with them. They have been there for me through the ups and the downs, the frustration and the excitement, the injuries and the recoveries. They have been there through the struggles at the studios, and the struggles outside. They know me better than I know myself, and I would not trade them (or the time we spent in the studio together) for the world.

The dance studio is a place to learn, to exercise, to grow, and to make memories and friends. The coolest part is, all of these things will stay with you long after you finish dancing.