Post by Marisa

Your First Ballet ClassIn your first ballet class, you can expect to learn a lot. You will start your ballet class with some stretching and conditioning exercises. This warms up the dancers muscles, and helps make sure they are keeping their bodies safe and injury free. These warm up exercises will focus on muscle groups like corps muscles, leg muscles, and foot muscles. The stretching will focus on the legs, feet, and back. This also leaves some room for creativity. The teacher will make stretching exercises fun and exciting, which helps the students connect to the teacher, as well as helps the dancer stay excited about working hard.

After the muscles are warm, the dancers will go to the barre. In their first lesson, they will learn a few ballet positions. In ballet, we learn five positions of the feet. In your first ballet class, you can expect to learn the first two positions. After you learn the first two positions, you will do some work in those positions. You will learn movements like plie, to bend, and releve, to rise. You might also learn tendu, which means to point your foot and extend your leg.

After barre, you will go to the center of the room. At first, you will practice standing in the positions you learned at barre. You will also practice plies and releves in center. Then, you will learn soutes in first and second. These are little jumps, that we use to strengthen and warm up our feet. You may also learn spotting, which is an exercise to help you not get dizzy in turns.

After you are finished in center, you will go across the floor. You will do some simple coordination and strength exercises, such as grapevines, skipping, ballet walks, frog jumps, and leaps.

After going across the floor, if there is extra time, you will play some fun dance games. Some examples are free dance, freeze dance, and improvisation games. These games allow the students to practice everything they learned, while also having the freedom to be creative and have fun.